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"From now on, I only buy TIMAX tyres" --- A Letter from our customer

The rainy season is coming.

One day, the car in the wet road driving, suddenly there is a feeling of inadequacy, tires seem not willing to "listen" to the control of the wheel, especially in the slippery road turning, there is a more wheel and tires of a "separate" feeling.

This is no small surprise.

Drive your car quickly to the nearest tire shop.As soon as the staff checked, they shouted out in surprise:

"Wow, these tires are so bad. They're going to skid and burst anytime, anywhere.Why didn't you send it a little earlier!"

I mumbled, "Looks as good as new!"

The staff quickly took off the four tires, while kindly instilled common sense to me, a layman:

"Now, some tire manufacturers in order to profit, in collusion with the repair shop, with a little bit of rubber to do the tire for you, I will give you a tire change, pay attention to the inspection in the future.

The comfort, grip and low noise were worth it when I drove the car with new tires.

By doing we learn.

From now on, I only buy TIMAX tyres.

In the rainy season, I can gallop on the road again.

Best regards,



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