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Tires ≠ food, not the fresher the better.

@Tires ≠ food, not the fresher the better.

Why is the latest tire not necessarily the best? According to tire material researchers, on the surface, a tire appears to be a composite of rubber, steel wire, and cloth curtains. However, in fact, a tire is a polymer product composed of up to two hundred chemical substances. With so many chemical elements combined, the movement and precipitation of the internal molecular structure cannot be completed synchronously, and the synthesized polymer material is not yet stable; The Q degree and wear resistance have not reached their optimal level, and this is not the best time for wheel Yi installation. So set aside a period of time for release and sedimentation, which will enter the stabilization period about 8-12 months after the tire is formed, and installation can achieve the best effect at this time.

Large brand tires such as Michelin,Goodyear, Timax  tires must undergo a stabilization period of 3-5 months before leaving the factory. After testing, the tire bulge rate after accidental impact within 3 months of leaving the factory is 150% higher than that of tires leaving the factory for 1 year. When designing tires, various factors are taken into consideration. As long as the tires are stored well and are not exposed to sunlight or rainwater, years of storage will not affect the quality and service life of the tires.

Many car owners judge the lifespan of tires based on their production date. This approach is unscientific. The time to replace a tire should be judged based on the depth of the tread pattern on the tire or the total mileage traveled, rather than the date of production.
If ‘fresh’ tires are installed and produced for less than 8 to 12 months, due to their poor stability, their service life may not be able to sustain up to 20000 kilometers.


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