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  • 11-14-2023
    @Tires ≠ food, not the fresher the better.Why is the latest tire not necessarily the best? According to tire material researchers, on the surface, a tire appears to be a composite of rubber, steel wire, and cloth curtains. However, in fact, a tire is a polymer product composed of up to two hundred c
  • 09-27-2021
    Due to strict domestic environmental protection controls, many major provinces of raw material and chemical have cut off electricity and restricted production.Coupled with the impact of the international situation, the prices of raw materials have risen sharply, such as white carbon black, steel cor
  • 07-05-2021
    What are the stages of tire history? Since the birth of the world's first pneumatic rubber tire in 1888, automobile tires have been born for more than 131 years! Roughly experienced four stages.1. In 1888, rubber pneumatic tires.2. In 1946, steel wire radial tire.
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