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How long will it take to change the tires-TIMAX CAR TIRE

How long will it take to change the tires-TIMAX CAR TIRE

The service life of the tire has always been the concern of many friends, many people when buying a car will ask how many kilometers the car can run, such a question seems to be very professional 4S shop assistants can not give accurate answers.In fact, the life of car tires and daily use, the environment and road conditions, maintenance and other aspects are directly related.How long will it take to change the tires? Next, let's talk about the Baibai Safety Net.

In general, we are talking about the normal life of the tire, the average tire life in six to eight years, but the reality is that our tires are very difficult to use this life, in addition to some accidents, such as puncture or accidental damage, what circumstances will affect the life of the tire?

Road conditions are the primary influence on tyre life.

You'd think that gravel roads and bad road conditions would have a big impact on the life of a tire: gravel roads, dirt roads, and other complex road conditions.In fact, the impact of speed on the life of the tire can not be underestimated.Fast speed will not only exacerbate the normal wear and tear of the tires, but also will not respond to sudden road conditions in a timely manner.Such as steel plates protruding from the road, speed bumps and so on.These affect not only the suspension of the vehicle, but also the tires.Therefore, when we are not familiar with the road conditions, or when the vision is not good enough, we should try to slow down as much as possible to increase the response time to unexpected road conditions.

The body suspension system also has a great impact on the tires.

Traffic on the road is bound to encounter bumps or uneven conditions.As time passes, be bound to cause an effect to whole suspension.That's why our vehicles need to be inspected regularly, and why we need to position all four wheels of our vehicles.Because the suspension deformation will lead to the tire in the transient state and the ground contact area deviation, resulting in tire partial wear, tire stress is not uniform, naturally also has a great impact on the life of the tire.Therefore, we should check the tires regularly, even if the tires are found to be eccentric wear even if the four-wheel positioning is corrected.

Poor tyre wax can also lead to a decrease in tyre life. Some car washes like to polish the tires after the car is cleaned, although it looks very bright and high quality at the time, but if it is inferior wax on the life of the tires will have a certain impact.Especially now the summer temperature is higher, inferior wax is more easy to corrode fetal side, accelerate the aging of fetal side crack.Everyone knows that the tire side is the weakest part of the tire, so you should never use bad tire wax.


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