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TANCO open new warehouse facility

TANCO open new warehouse facility


Recent substantive growth in oversea market share across both the passenger car and radial truck tyre sectors has required an overall and enhancement of the TANCO tyre logistics strategy.


As a consequence, and in order to meet increased demand and to maintain service level agreements and delivery standards, TANCO have announced the opening of an enhanced and new warehouse facility next to their Qingdao research, development, testing and manufacturing centre.


The new warehouse has an operating size of 20000 square metres. At full capacity, the new warehouse can store 50,000 TANCO truck tyres. In addition, development of the new manufacturing facility will soon help to meet the increased demand for TANCO tyres.


Tony Tang, General Manager for TANCO, commented – “This demonstrates the ongoing commitment and investment in the TANCO brand – we are growing our market share in many countries and the new warehousing arrangements allow us to match increasing demand with increasing supply. The agenda for TANCO remains focused on the delivery of growth and quality.”

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