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TIRE BULGE: The cause of tire bulge & How to prevent and reduce the probability of bulge?


The importance of tires to a car needless to say, and many friends have encountered the situation of tire bulge, today to take you to see the cause of tire bulge.


1. In order to make the car more athletic and beautiful, some car owners usually choose a flat tire with a low ratio, which is more prone to bulge.

2. Crossing the pit at a high speed and often rubbing against the curb, it is easy to break the curtain layer inside the tire. The tire pressure directly ACTS on the rubber outside the tire, just like blowing up a balloon.


Flat ratio is a tire data, refers to the tire cross-section height in its cross-section of the maximum width of the percentage, simply said to be the ratio of the width of the tire.

When crossing the hole, the side of the tire is squeezed by the tire pressure and the impact force between the tire and the edge of the hole. The side of the tire will protrude and stretch out to cushion the extrusion pressure.

As can be seen from the above schematic diagram, the lower the flat ratio is, the lower the height of the tire side will be, and the less extrusion pressure will be able to cushion. Once the cushion cannot be cushioned, the tire side curtain will break and will bulge.

PS: Tires have many layers, but the most important one is the curtain layer, because it is the skeleton of the tire, almost bear all the stress of the tire work.


Can't repair, the bulge is because the curtain layer is broken, this is irreversible, and the curtain layer is the main force, so should be replaced immediately.

The reason why the explosion-proof tire can run under zero tire pressure is that the curtain layer is closely combined with the tire sidewall to form a solid sidewall to support the vehicle.Once the tire bulge and the curtain layer break, the side wall of the tire will become soft, unable to support the vehicle, so the explosion-proof tire bulge is not recommended to continue to use.

How to prevent and reduce the probability of bulge?

1, do not blindly pursue flat tires than low: the general flat rate is less than 45% of the tires, known as the "thin tire", try to choose a high flat rate of "thick" tires.

2. Proper tire pressure: Too high or too low air pressure is also easy to cause bulge when the tire bumps against obstacles;

The air pressure is too high, the rubber softness decreases, the tire hits hard directly, the cord layer line is easy to break.

Low air pressure, and flat ratio is a little similar to small, tire side in the extrusion, the hub and the ground directly impact, is also very easy to cause the curtain line fracture, either tire burst, or bulge.

3. Avoid driving on bad roads for a long period of time. If you cannot avoid it, please pay attention to driving as slowly as possible, especially don't roll over teeth and bricks and stones too quickly.


4, low speed over the pit over the speed bump: To be prudent, regardless of the large pit or small pit, do not exceed 30km/h past, the bigger the pit is, the deeper the low speed.




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