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Timax 11R22.5 Performs Well in United States

One of our customers in Chicago gives us a good feedback about TIMAX radial truck tire.

8 tires were installed for testing, he had done the rotation for 4 of these tires and did nothing for another 4,
With rotation the new record is 180K miles on the highway.
Without rotation the record is 160K miles on the highway. 
Current they are still testing to see whether it could break 200K miles, right now they have 2 tires at 180K still running. 

His company only run from CA to IL back and forth, he told us that he likes TIMAX and it is better than Triangle tires and Dunlop(Good year brand). The average mileage for TIMAX is around 100-120K and he is very happy that he had purchased very good quality tires from China. 

He also mentioned that to use Timax on back of the trailer will get the most from the tires as well. (So far it is more than 120K for 8 tires and still running) 

We will keep up the good quality of TIMAX tire, and satisfy more and more customers.

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