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Which chinese national brand tires are leading the world?

Which chinese national brand tires are leading the world?

For Chinese tires, more hats are "low quality and low price ". Although China is the world's largest tire producer and consumer, it is always described as" big and not strong "for the whole tire industry. The reason for all this is the lack of independent brand, independent innovation and independent capital ability.

Do Chinese tires have to wear a "low quality and low price" hat all their lives? Obviously not, a large number of domestic tire enterprises take the lead in facing the difficulties, fusion innovation, constantly enhance R & D strength, upgrade intelligent manufacturing, optimize marketing services, and create leading products. These brands are called national brands, these tire enterprises also show the national light everywhere, let the world see the power of Chinese tires.


What is a national brand



What kind of brand can be called "national brand "?
First of all, this brand must be the first original brand of a domestic enterprise, to have a strong national characteristics, and to use the spiritual connotation, really made a contribution to the Chinese nation.
What can really be called "national brand" is to bear the responsibility of China's tire industry to catch up with the world first-class responsibility, is to flow the Chinese national spirit brand in the blood, only they can proudly say "represent the Chinese tire, represent the national brand ". These popular national brands, they always represent the image of the Chinese tire brand, mentioned that they are talking about Chinese tires, they are "the light of national goods" is the "soul" of the Chinese tire industry ".

Where the sun rises, there are sun tires


As the domestic tire industry ranked first in rubber, is a flag of Chinese tires in the world. Chaoyang, as one of the earliest tire brands in China, shows the vitality and strength of Chinese tires everywhere. As one of the brands of Zhongze Rubber Group Co., Ltd., Chaoyang brand has covered the fields of passenger car tire, commercial car tire, engineering tire, industrial agricultural tire and two-wheel tire. Chaoyang brand all steel radial tire is awarded the title of "China famous brand ", through the EPA Smartway certification, reached the international advanced level.

China's rubber for many years into the world's top 10 tires, this is the best proof of China's tire development progress. Chaoyang, as a "national brand ", has made the world aware of Chinese tires and that Chinese tires are no longer the power of neglect.

Double coin coming out of the war


 Since 1929, Shuangqian has assumed the mission of national rejuvenation. In the history of the development of Chinese tires, Shuangqian has helped to build a number of tire factories, which has shed painstaking efforts and sweat for the prosperity of the whole Chinese tire industry. As the light of national goods, double money let the world see Chinese strength, fill the gap of independent tire market, and resolutely carry the banner of independent national brand.

Double coin tire with strong strength, do the responsibility of the times and the leading person of the Chinese tire industry, take the national rejuvenation as the mission, start with the end, break the trend. It is because of the selfless dedication and innovation of the predecessors like double money that Chinese tires are now blooming.

The triangle of China, the triangle of the world


As the leading enterprise of Chinese tire, Triangle has trained a large number of talents for the later tire enterprises and made positive contributions to the development of Chinese tire industry. Triangle tire after decades of rapid development and continuous bath fire rebirth, under the leadership of Chairman Ding, has become the leading enterprise in China's tire manufacturing industry, covering more than 180 countries and regions around the world, among the top 15 tire industry in the world.

Since the 1990s, triangular tires have positioned their own development in the global market, adhering to the "dance with the global economy, brand world" road, more than 55% of the products sold to the global market.

The triangle tire keeps pace with the development of science and technology, and regards the national technology research and development center, the national engineering laboratory and the national industrial design center approved by the state as the core of investment and construction and the development of science and technology force. Triangle tire has been the main responsibility unit of China tire industry technological innovation strategic alliance for five consecutive years.

Linglong, adhere to independent innovation to create an international national brand


Shandong Zhaoyuan Linglong Town has the largest local gold reserves of Linglong Mountain, located in front of the Linglong Group named. Since its establishment in 1975, Linglong Tire has always adhered to independent innovation, independent development and independent brand. Relying on the national enterprise technology center, based on the Beijing R & D center and the North American R & D center, the company has set up research branches in Yantai, Shanghai and Germany one after another to form an open R & D innovation system based on Shandong, covering the whole country and looking at the whole world. So far Linglong tire licensing patents, patent holdings in the forefront of domestic tire enterprises.

Linglong tire industry has become a business card of Chinese tire in the world. In Europe, in the United States and in Southeast Asia, Linglong tire blooms in an all-round way, showing the charm of Chinese tire to the whole world.

Race wheel tires, rising stars


Although the establishment of the race wheel is not long, but with tireless efforts, become China's first A shares listed private tire enterprises. Race wheel set tire R & D, production, sales and service as one. In Qingdao, Dongying, Shenyang and Vietnam to build modern tire manufacturing plants, in Canada, Germany and other places to serve the Americas and Europe and other regional sales network and logistics centers, products sold in Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa and more than 100 countries and regions.

In 2020, the world's top 75 ranking, the race wheel further ranked 17 th. Who can think that race wheel is only founded in 2002 only 10 years of tire manufacturers, as a rising star of Chinese tires, race wheel is always the vanguard role of Chinese tires, to show the world the new power of Chinese tires.


Guizhou Tire, Old and Strong


In the spring of 1958, the first "advance" tire was born in the green earth of Guizhou. From then on, a loud name "advance" was surrounded by Qianling, surrounded by mountain flowers, accompanied by the development of Guizhou tire enterprises. Out of Guizhou Dashan, to the land of Shenzhou, out of China, to the world!

As the old enterprise of Chinese tire industry, Guizhou tire is more and more firm. Faced with the difficulties of the foreign trade market, Guizhou tire resolutely went to sea to build a factory. On December 15,2019, Guizhou tire overseas produced 1.2 million sets of high performance intelligent whole steel radial tire project in Longjiang Industrial Park, Qianjiang Province, Vietnam, with a total investment of US $214 million.

Adhering to the enterprise mission of "creating value and giving back to society ", Guizhou tires from the beginning of the founding of new China to reform and opening up to the new era, each R & D design and production of a product closely around the" design of each product, Make every product "requirements, different periods, different environments, market demand products, committed to become the, committed to become the first choice high-value customers first choice. After more than 60 years, Guizhou tires have strong technical strength and strong technical research and development team, the products have developed from a single specification variety products to more than 3000 specifications sold all over the country, and exported to the United States, South Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, South America, Russia and nearly 100 countries and regions.

National tire brand, national tire enterprises must first represent Chinese tires, can really enhance the international influence and status of Chinese tires. It is necessary to be the backbone of the national tire industry and undertake the important task of promoting China's tire industry.


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