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  • 09-21-2020
    The price increase trend is coming, is the stock hoarding still far away? ---Tire CommerceWhen we were still immersed in the frenzied testing of the natural rubber futures price at the edge of 10,000, we did not know that the natural rubber futures price was surging in a flash, and it jumped directl
  • 08-26-2020
    You may have wondered how a car tire with 30 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure can support a car. This is an interesting question, and it is related to several other issues, such as how much force it takes to push a tire down the road and why tires get hot when you drive (and how this can lea
  • 08-11-2020
    2020 is an extraordinary year. In order to thank the new and old users for their support of TANCO in the first half of the year, we decided to give back to our customers and friends with the highest-selling product:
  • 08-07-2020
    TANCO open new warehouse facility Recent substantive growth in oversea market share across both the passenger car and radial truck tyre sectors has required an overall and enhancement of the TANCO tyre logistics strategy. As a consequence, and in order to meet increased demand and to maintain servi
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