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  • 11-03-2020

    TIRE BULGE-TANCO TIREThe importance of tires to a car needless to say, and many friends have encountered the situation of tire bulge, today to take you to see the cause of tire bulge.1. In order to make the car more athletic and beautiful, some car owners usually choose a flat tire with a low ratio,

  • 11-03-2020

    How long will it take to change the tires-TIMAX CAR TIREThe service life of the tire has always been the concern of many friends, many people when buying a car will ask how many kilometers the car can run, such a question seems to be very professional 4S shop assistants can not give accurate answers

  • 10-14-2020

    The rainy season is coming.One day, the car in the wet road driving, suddenly there is a feeling of inadequacy, tires seem not willing to "listen" to the control of the wheel, especially in the slippery road turning, there is a more wheel and tires of a "separate" feeling.This is no small surprise.D

  • 09-21-2020

    The price increase trend is coming, is the stock hoarding still far away? ---Tire CommerceWhen we were still immersed in the frenzied testing of the natural rubber futures price at the edge of 10,000, we did not know that the natural rubber futures price was surging in a flash, and it jumped directl

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